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Benefits of Affiliation: Belonging to Something Larger


Your dues to Reconstructing Judaism help:

  • Nurture communities that are inclusive, participatory, and dynamic

  • Run Camp Havaya

  • Print prayer books

  • Educate Jewish leaders

  • Renew Jewish thought and philosophy at large

  • Expand the presence of progressive Jewish communities throughout North America and the world

  • Represent Reconstructing Judaism in larger Jewish settings

Affiliated Congregations and Havurot:

  • Identify as Reconstructionist congregations

  • Participate in our movement-wide Plenum

  • Receive help searching for, hiring, and retaining a Reconstructionist rabbi

  • May apply for an Aviv no-interest loan, designed to help grow individual congregations and the Reconstructionist movement

  • Receive regular news of the movement electronically, including a relaunched Reconstructionism Today!

  • Qualify for discounts on Reconstructionist Press publications, including the Kol HaNeshamah prayer book series

    and the three-volume Guide to Jewish Practice

  • Receive help marketing their congregations and growing membership


  • Preferred partnership with Israel Experts to support Israel engagement and Israel travel

  • ReconstructingJudaism.org, newly relaunched in 2018

  • Ritualwell.org

  • Jewish distance learning

  • Peer listservs for Reconstructionist community leaders

  • Experts among the RRC faculty and Reconstructing Judaism staff in such areas as Israel engagement, ritual and theology, marketing, communications, and modern Jewish identity

  • Assistance with experiential and informal education

  • Information about best practices for congregational administration and governance

  • Participation in local presidents’ and/or rabbis’ groups where available

  • Membership for your executive director in CEDAR, the professional organization for Reconstructionist executive directors

  • Membership for your educators in RENA, the Reconstructionist Educators of North America 


Programs and Education

  • Participation in peer-to-peer networks on topics of shared concern and facilitated by Reconstructing Judaism staff

  • Participation in local programs organized by movement staff and crafted to match local interest (Program planning and execution will require local volunteers)

  • Leadership training for presidents and rabbis

  • Access to visiting scholars (Scheduling to be mutually agreed upon. Fees depend upon the length and format of the visit and the scholar. A listing of RRC faculty can be found at www.rrc.edu/faculty)

  • Jewish distance learning

  • Reconstructionist youth retreats designed for grades 4–12

Knowledge of the Movement

Affiliated communities have access to the expert knowledge of Reconstructing Judaism faculty and staff on topics such as:

  • Reconstructionist thought and practice

  • Assistance in searching for, hiring, and retaining a Reconstructionist rabbi

  • Governance (e.g., budgets, dues, bylaws, personnel policies)

  • Leadership development and board training

  • Communications and new media

  • Curriculum development and teacher training

  • Lifelong learning programs

  • Experiential education

  • Membership growth strategies and congregational marketing

  • Liturgy and ritual, including use of the Kol HaNeshamah prayer books

  • Israel programming, politics, and culture

  • Jewish spiritual practice 


For More Information

If you would like more details regarding affiliation, please peruse the links below:

2018-2019 Affiliate Packpage


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