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Trees of the Bible


There are many trees mentioned in the Bible. Here is a list of some of them and where you can find them. Look them up and find out what they say about them.

Acacia: Exodus 26:15
Almond: Numbers 17:8; Ecclesiastes 12:5
Apple: Joel 1:12; Song of Songs 2:2-5
Cedar: I Kings 9:11; II Chronicles 2:3-8
Cypress: Isaiah 41:19; I Kings 9:11
Date Palm: Psalms 92:12-14
Fig: Song of Songs 2:11-13
Henna: Song of Songs 1:14
Oak: Joshua 24:26; Genesis 35:8
Olive: Judges 9:8-9
Pine: Isaiah 41:19
Pistachio trees: Genesis 43:11
Pomegranate: Song of Songs 4:13; Song of Songs 6:11
Poplar: Genesis 30:37
Tamarisk: Genesis 21:33; I Samuel 31:13
Willow: Leviticus 23:40; Isaiah 44:3-4; Psalms 137:1-3

Many of these trees are related to trees that you can find in Israeli neighborhoods. Take a walk and see how many different kinds of trees you can find in your neighborhood. How many kinds can you identify? Are any of them related to the trees on this list? How many of them have leaves on them at this time of year (evergreen trees)? And how many of them have lost their leaves for the winter (deciduous trees)?

In Israel, Tu B'Shvat is traditionally when the almond trees start to blossom, an early sign of spring. Do you notice any signs of spring on the trees in your neighborhood?

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