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Book Club: Third Session


What is my “Elijah moment?” How do I take care of myself, take care of the people I work with, and continue my activism? 

kiddush cup
For our final learning session with author Abigail Pogrebin, we looked a bit further into the Jewish year as we discussed Passover and the complexities of holding a rich, engaging seder that gives both adults and children food for thought. Abigail introduced us to the concept of an “Elijah moment”—following in the prophets footsteps by enacting change in the world. Throughout our conversation, themes emerged again and again: taking responsibility to make change, the difficulty of using guilt and revenge to prompt action, and the power of education in invigorating our Passover traditions. 



We shared various community and family Passover traditions—here are some highlights mentioned in the discussion!

“How to Captivate Kids at Passover” by Abigail Pogrebin (Kveller, 2017)

Planning a Child-Friendly Seder from PJ Library

The well-known “Haggaddah for the Internet Age” by Jonathan Safran Foer: 

New American Haggadah, 2012

For a seder focused on chocolate justice:

A Haggadah for a Socially Responsible Chocolate Seder, 2015

For a seder focused on education reform:

For a musical seder certain to engage tweens and teens:

Hamilton Haggadah Soundtrack (created by RRC students!) 

For a seder with kids under five:

Toddler and Preschool-Friendly Seder Activities

For an interfaith seder:

Oranges and Olives: A Modern, Interfaith Family Haggadah


Related Resources

Kaplan and the Meaning of Ritual: Reconciling the Mind and the Heart

The author reflects on the way Mordecai Kaplan's philosophy  helped him see Jewish ritual as spiritually meaningful and, at the same time, intellectually honest.


Tzedakah and the Jewish Holidays: Giving for Social Change

For centuries, giving to tzedakah has been a traditional way to mark Jewish holidays. But all holidays are not created equal. In this resource, we offer connections between the theme of each holiday or season, and some possible giving opportunities that correspond with it. 


Fall Holiday Glossary

This file contains a helpful glossary of terms for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. It begins with a letter to parents suggesting themes to think about during the holiday season.