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1994 Report of JRF Task Force on Inclusion for People with Disabilities

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This report, issued in 1994, was the work product of JRF's Task Force on Inclusion for People with Disabilities. What follows is the statement upon its release. 

Kol Echad (“Everyone”) works toward full participation of all Jewish people, their families and life partners, in JRF congregations and havurot. Formed by the JRF board in January 1994, it consists of three Task Forces: one on inclusion for people with disabilities, one on inclusion of gays and lesbians, and one on inclusion of intermarried people. This document concerns the Task Force for Inclusion of People with Disabilities. The Task Force is made up of people with and without disabilities who have person and/or professional knowledge about special needs.

[Note: The Task Force credits That All May Worship: An interfaith Welcome to People With Disabilities by Ann Rose Davie and Ginny Thornburgh, National Organization on Disability, 1992, for much of the information, language and ideas that appear in this report.]

Task Force Members:

Shelly Rosenberg, chairperson
Marlene Craven
Esther Miller
Esther Newman
Fran Abramson
Rabbi Joshua Lesser
Rabbi Rachel Esserman
Joyce Dolcourt
Richard Hamowitz

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