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Classroom Management and Lesson Planning

PDF icon Mary Meyerson teacher training on classroom management

This manual provides practical suggestions and tools for lesson planning and classroom management. It includes excellent resources for bringing a “multiple intelligences ” awareness into classrooms. Developed for use in the Sh'lom Kitah Program of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater Washington in 2002-03. Contents include:

  • I  Introductions

  • II  Meyerson’s List of False Assumptions*

    • Transitional difficulties

    • Content

    • Relationships

  • III  Transitional Difficulties

    • Deal with them directly at the beginning of the year

    • Parents

    • Students

    • Put them in a context

    • When are they serious?

  • IV  Content - Know Your Material & Plan

    • Annual planning*

    • Learning styles & multiple intelligences*

    • Weekly lesson plans*

    • Classroom schedules*

    • Transitions

    • Assessment

  • V  Relationships

    • Classroom rules

    • Modeling behavior*

    • Policies in writing for parents*

    • Student/Teacher assessments prior to report cards*

  • VI  Conclusion: Helpful Resources*

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