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Environmental Activism and Jewish Spirituality

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This symposium among eight Reconstructionist leaders explores the interface between environmental activism and Jewish spirituality. Originally published in Winter 2001/2002 issue of Reconstructionism Today, this discussion remains relevant and valuable. 

The leaders participating, and their positions at the time, were:

  • Lawrence Bush, editor of Reconstructionism Today
  • Rabbi Howard Cohen (RRC '04), of Congregation Beth El in Bennington, VT, former Outward Bound directory, and founder of Burning Bush Adventures: Judaism in a Wilderness Context
  • Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb (RRC '97) of Adat Shalom in Bethesda, Maryland, co-chair of the Interfaith Religious Witness for the Earth, and member of the Board of Trustees of COEJL
  • Rabbi George Driesen (RRC '99), a founding member of Adat Shalom, member of the RRC Board of Governors, and an avid outdoors enthusiast
  • Rebekah Jorgensen, a film producer and director, linguist and educational innovator, and a member of Kehillat Israel in Pacific Palisades, California
  • David Roberts, chair of the St. Louis Environmental Initiative and president of the Reconstructionist Minyan of St. Louis; chair of the Development Committee of the RRC Board
  • David Rosenstein, a member of Kehillat Israel and director of the Southern California region of COEJL
  • Rabbi Margot Stein, Director of Communications for the JRF

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