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Fair Trade: Partnering for Justice

In collaboration with Fair Trade Judaica, Reconstructing Judaism has made a commitment to providing the latest resources and guidelines to learn about and practice Fair Trade. Bringing to life core Jewish values of human dignity and sanctity of the earth, our commitment to Fair Trade education and outreach has brought together Jewish congregations and organizations from across North America.   

Fair Trade Shabbat Dinner in partnership with Repair the World was a great success! Read about it here.

Betsy Teutsch and Mark Pinsky led a Fair Trade workshop at the 2018 Reconstructionist Convention: Find the powerpoint here.



 These printouts can be used and distributed in any synagogue, havurah or community setting.

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Principles: what are the principles behind Fair Trade? How do Fair Trade and Jewish values align? What are the principles that define fair trade? This useful infographic will tell you more. Read about the intersection between human rights and fair trade in this text study with a discussion guide and questions. How can you identify true fair trade? This chart shows you how!  This guide offers a comparison between Jewish values and the principles of Fair Trade alongside quotes from Jewish texts. Check out this visual guide to Fair Trade, simplified. 

Educational Resources 

 Use this quiz to help students identify Fair Trade practices! This colorful page helps outline the values of Fair Trade in an accessible way for students of mixed ages. Adapted from Barbara Weisman.


 How can you “Fair Trade” your Shabbat celebration? This guide from Fair Trade Judaica shows you how.

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Hannukah This short handout outlines the Guilt Free Gelt campaign.

“Kavannah Blessing” Make room for intentionality when consuming Fair Trade gelt with this kavanah blessing.

Video: Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry CNN’s Richard Quest takes a look at child labor in this short video     


 This infographic is a great addition to a Passover seder with those unfamiliar with Fair Trade practices and values. File Creating a Fair Trade Passover Put together by Fair Trade Judaica, this guide to a Fair Trade-friendly Pesach celebration is useful for seders and communities of all sizes.

“Fair Trade Chocolate You Can Eat on Passover” blog post by Ilana Schatz, founder of Fair Trade Judaica   

Congregations & Communities

 This guide outlines how to integrate Fair Trade into regular purchasing practices and holiday celebrations at your synagogue. Germantown Jewish Center embellishes upon the connection between Jewish values and Fair Trade in a congregational context. Kosher Fair Trade Chocolate, Coffee, & Tea This listing of kosher Fair Trade products are perfect for your next synagogue oneg.