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Hasal Siddur Pesach


Hasal Siddur Pesach

This text is found at the end of the Passover haggadah. It can be read in context on Sefaria. 

The melody comes from the Hungarian family of Elisabeth Reiner z”l at the beginning of the 20th century. The composer is unknown. 
[Translator's note: The translation below does not attempt to bring coherence to a liturgical piece that is rich with ambiguity. It is the translator's belief that bringing coherence to ambiguity leaves the reader on the sidelines. If the text doesn't “make sense” then more is required of the reader to engage with the text. That engagement is exactly what Judaism asks of us. — Rabbi Shai Gluskin]
Chasal siddur Pesach, kehilchato
kechol mishpato, vechukato
ka'asher zachinu lesader oto
ken nizkeh la'asoto
zach shochen me'ona
komem kehal adat me manah
bekarov nahel nitei chanah
peduyim leZiyon be'rina
The Passover Seder is concluded
As all its laws and rules are fulfilled.
Just as we have merited to order it,
so too may we merit to do it.
Pure One dwelling in Ma'on
Creator of Congregation Who Can Count Them
Soon guide the new shoots of this people
Liberated to Zion with shouts of joy.
Music, Pesakh

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