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How do fair-trade principles provide a roadmap to integrate these values into our community life?

Facilitated by Ilana Schatz, founding director of Fair Trade Judaica

Mondays, 1 p.m.-2: p.m., Eastern time—Oct. 23, Nov. 6., Jan. 8, Mar. 5

Hand crocheting fair trade kippot
How can we translate Jewish values of human dignity, selfsufficiency and environmental sustainability into community or congregational life? In this Learning Network, we will explore how fair trade provides an ethical framework for consumer choices within a Jewish values context. We will explore the principles of fair trade and engage in Jewish text study related to those principles. As a group, we will brainstorm a variety of ways to increase the awareness of fair trade, integrate fair trade into our holiday celebrations (specifically Chanukah and Passover) and what it would mean to become a Fair Trade Community/Synagogue.

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With resources, educational tools, handouts, and guides for holiday celebrations, Shabbat, congregational life, and more.

Our First Session (10/23/17)

“As we get ready for Channukah, Fair Trade seems like a wonderful way to ‘welcome the stranger.’ And that is not something I would have thought of before participating in this.”

Our Second Session (11/06/17)

“What does it mean to be made in G-d’s image, and how does that relate to Fair Trade?”