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Executive Directors Leading in a Changing World

Dr. Tresa Grauer, Vice President for Thriving Communities, Reconstructing Judaism

Thursdays, 12 p.m.–1 p.m. EST: Oct. 18, Jan. 17, March 14, May 16

This network will also feature an in-person session at the Reconstructionist Convention, November 15-18th in Philadelphia.

executive directors
What is the nature of the work of Reconstructionist executive directors and administrators in our changing times? Drawing from the wisdom of the group, we will explore challenges facing executive directors and administrators to arrive at practical solutions and to deepen connections between our congregations and havurot. A member of the network will facilitate and set the agenda for each session. Together, we’ll support each other in managing, strengthening and leading our communities. 

Our network learnings from 2017-18.