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How One Interfaith Family Found a Home at Synagogue


In an article in the Forward, Debbie Karl, a member of Reconstructionist Congregation Or Hadash, recounts the ways in which her interfaith family was welcomed into Jewish life. 

“If my husband and I had not felt welcome and accepted by the community, our time there would have been short-lived, and, again, I could have walked away from organized Judaism and never looked back. But instead, the opposite occurred. Not only did my daughter receive a Jewish education, but I did as well. Because of the inviting programs at our synagogue and the surrounding Jewish community, I have been more Jewishly involved and aware than I ever was, or ever imagined I would be.”

The piece’s author has been an active member of Or Hadash for more than two decades. She recounts some of her Jewish journey at Or Hadash’s website, here.

Reflecting on the nurture, acceptance, and growth that she found in her Reconstructionist community, she concludes:

“The reality is that widespread interfaith marriage is here to stay…As everyone should be, we are free to follow our hearts and choose our partners without restrictions. The lesson to be learned is that this is not a problem, but rather an opportunity to find creative, positive ways to offer engagement in Jewish life to all who are interested.”

Debbie Karl’s full article can be read on the Forward’s website:

How One Interfaith Family Found A Home At Synagogue





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