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Spirit in Practice: A New Podcast from the Reconstructionist Movement


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How will you sustain your spirit through your next four years, your life time?

Do you wonder how you can show up for challenging times with compassion, courage, equanimity and joy?

Spirit in Practice, a podcast miniseries, answers these and other questions through lively discussion among emerging leaders and religious teachers of many faiths who are exploring social activism and spiritual practices. 

Amidst uncertainty, one thing is clear: How we do our work on the outside depends upon the work we do on the inside.

We launched our first of four episodes today! You can listen by visiting our website or subscribing on iTunes or Stitcher.

New episodes will arrive in January and February, 2017. You can sign up for our email updates or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Together, we will mine our traditions for wisdom as we live into the future.

Listen Now >>

Spirit in Practice is supported by the generosity of the Henry Luce Foundation.

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