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Founded in 1978, Havurah Shalom has grown from a small group of families to a membership of nearly 400 families. Affiliated with Reconstructionist Judaism, our progressive approach to Jewish life integrates traditional communal Jewish practices with the intellectual and political impulses of democracy and pluralism. We are open to all who want to connect with Judaism, including traditional Jewish families, single people, couples of mixed faiths and/or races and people of all gender identifications.

Empowered and supported by our rabbi, educator and music coordinator, Havurah members take leadership roles in governing, educating, providing music, taking social action, davening and reading Torah on Shabbat and leading and leyning during High Holidays services. Our High Holidays services are attended by approximately 1,000 people and have been open to the public, with no payment or tickets required, for more than 30 years. This emphasis on active involvement distinguishes Havurah from most other congregations and allows members to become truly engaged in Jewish community. Havurah members are especially active in tikkun olam, with current action and volunteering focused on climate action, equity issues, immigrants and refugees, poverty and homelessness.

All are welcome to join us in social action, educational opportunities, Shabbat services and holiday celebrations.

Portland, OR 97209
United States