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Thursday, 4/22 Jews, Race, and Religion: Purity Politics and the Problem of Jewish Solidarity
Tuesday, 4/20 Netzach: Jews in the Wake: Black and Jewish Poetry of Endurance | Led by Rachel Neve Midbar
Thursday, 4/15 Jews, Race, and Religion: From Minneapolis, Minnesota to the Streets of Jerusalem: The Diaspora Within. Mizrahi Jews, Race, Belonging, Dislocation and Identity
Thursday, 4/15 Israeli Food, American Kitchen: Yom Ha'atzmaut Cooking Class
Tuesday, 4/13 Tiferet: Poetry as a Spiritual Experience | Led by Jake Marmer
Thursday, 4/8 Jews, Race, and Religion: "Funny - You Don't Look Jewish!"
Tuesday, 4/6 Gevurah: Trusting Yourself to Know What You Need| Led by Sabrina Sojourner
Tuesday, 3/30 Hesed: Lovingkindness Meditation for Ourselves and the World | Led by Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari
Thursday, 3/25 Jews, Race, and Religion: “We are the Ethiopian Hebrews, Brothers to the Fair White Jew”: Race, Religion, and Jewish Identity in Harlem
Thursday, 3/18 Jews, Race, and Religion: Race, Class and Privilege: How Latino Jews navigate life in the United States
Wednesday, 3/17 Etching the Ghost: A Poetry Reading and Gathering with Cathleen Cohen
Thursday, 3/11 Refuah Shleimah: A Healing Ritual Marking a Year of Pandemic
Sunday, 3/7 Chesapeake Virtual Annual Celebration
Thursday, 3/4 Report and Reverberation: Fault-lines of Race in the Yiddish Press
Thursday, 3/4 Jews, Race, and Religion: Limpieza de Sangre and the “Clash of Civilizations”; Or, What Hath the Soul to Do with Racialized Bodies?
Wednesday, 3/3 Rainbow Lev: Jewish LGBTQ+ Teen Leadership Program
Tuesday, 3/2 On the Path to Liberation: A Jewish Men’s Series
Monday, 3/1 From Brokenness to Holiness: Engaging the Creative Mind to Heal the Wounded Will (1 of 3)
Thursday, 2/25 Jews, Race, and Religion: Black Power, Jewish Politics: Reinventing The Alliance in the 1960s
Wednesday, 2/24 Embodying Purim Joy: Hasidic and Shtetl Dance with Rabbi Daniel Brenner