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Monday, 9/14 The Sounds of the Shofar: It's More than You Think (Live Beit Midrash)
Sunday, 9/13 Cultivating Trust: Exploring the Writings of Etty Hillesum
Saturday, 9/12 Sweet Rhythms: A Multifaith Poetry Reading
Wednesday, 9/9 Evolve Conversations: Noticing the Jews of Color in Our Communities
Monday, 9/7 Apples & Honey for a Sweet New Year: Metaphors and How They Help Us Create Meaning (Live Beit Midrash)
Sunday, 9/6 "Who by Silence?”: Policing the Boundaries of Jewish Community
Monday, 8/31 Recent Theories on the Origins of the Israelites (Live Beit Midrash)
Sunday, 8/30 You Do Not Walk Alone: Welcoming Ancestors Into Our Movements for Justice
Monday, 8/24 The Personal Is Political: Using Elul as a Social Justice Opportunity (Live Beit Midrash)
Sunday, 8/23 Social Justice & Repentance: Can We Do Teshuvah for Our Indirect Moral Complicity?
Monday, 8/17 A House Is Not a Home, but Can a Sukkah Be a Temple? (Live Beit Midrash)
Thursday, 8/13 Embodied Jewish Practice for Self-Care & Wellness (1 of 5)
Monday, 8/10 Lillian Wald: An Inspiration for Our Time (Live Beit Midrash)
Monday, 8/3 Tu B'Av: Do We Actually Need a Jewish Valentine's Day? (Live Beit Midrash)
Tuesday, 7/28 Evolve Conversations: Acknowledging the Truth is the First Step on the Path to Healing Racial Injustice
Monday, 7/27 The Parable of the Three-Legged Table: Why Religion is Not Really About Belief (Live Beit Midrash)
Monday, 7/20 The Environment as a Bridge between Israelis and Palestinians (Live Beit Midrash)
Monday, 7/13 Smashing the Law (Live Beit Midrash)
Thursday, 6/25 Evolve Conversations: Multifaith Relations - Four Decades of an Evolving Field with Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D.
Thursday, 6/18 Evolve Conversations: Reflections on the Field of Jewish Social Justice After Ten Years of Training Rabbis for Activism with Rabbi Mordechai Liebling