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Adina Newberg, Ph.D.

Adina Newberg is an Israeli living and working in the United States. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.  After teaching for many years at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College she has retired from teaching but continues to pursue her research interests.  Her areas of research include various aspects of contemporary Jewish liberal religion in both countries, as well as issues of adult change and transformation through learning. The new communities and institutions of Israeli Judaism in the “Secular Space” capture all of her interests as well as her commitment and passion for a democratic, pluralistic, and vibrant Israel.  As part of her ongoing work with this subject she has presented in conferences, published various articles and blogs and lectured in synagogues, Jewish Federations and other organizations.

While at RRC and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities, Newberg served as the channel for involvement with progressive Israeli Judaism in general, as well as the new Israeli-Jewish renaissance. She is the former manager of Gateways to Israeli-Jewish Renaissance on Facebook.

A Yizkor Prayer for Righteous Gentiles

A child of Holocaust survivors, Rani Jaegar composed a yizkor prayer for Righteous Gentiles that is unique and breaks new ground. It tells the story of those who saw suffering and knew how to find their humanity. It remembers that “righteousness is an everlasting foundation” that breaks boundaries.


Israeli-Jewish Renaissance: Lights in the Darkness

Writing from Israel during a wave of terror attacks, Adina Newberg finds hope during Hanukkah in grassroots initiatives for coexistence.

Hope and the New Zionism

Adina Newberg sees the ideals of Israel’s Declaration of Independence under increasing pressure, but also acted out by community leaders.


Lights in the Darkness

Writing from Israeli during a tense period, Adina Newberg reflects on Hanukkah’s imagery of light in the darkness.


A Light Gone Dim

Words of remembrance and appreciation on the loss of Israeli leader Yossi Sarid


Flight to Tel Aviv

Adina Newberg, an Israeli-American, describes the inner transition that comes with travelling between her two homelands.