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Aurora Mendelsohn

Lifelong Reconstructionist

Aurora Mendelsohn lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and their three children, and works in university administration. She has written about the intersection of feminism, Jewish ritual and liturgy for the past decade in the Forward, Sh’ma, and Lilith. At different times she has crafted new liturgy and prayers, served on the board of a pluralistic, urban Jewish day school,  directed Jewish programming at a camp for children with developmental disabilities, and been involved in independent minyanim. She blogs about the effect of growing up Reconstuctionist on her perspectives on theology, practice and parenting at RainbowTallitBaby and co-founded Hagbah, a Facebook discussion group for observant, progressive feminist Jews.

Aurora is proud to be a Reconstructionist from birth.

Strange Thoughts: A New Take on Loving the Stranger

To truly live justly, we need to move out of our comfort zones and embrace unfamiliar ideas and habits of mind. 


Episode 3: Rainbow Tallit Baby (Interview with Aurora Mendelsohn)

Aurora Mendelsohn grew up in a Reconstructionist community. In this interview, she shares how that background has shaped her own Jewish life, and reflects on the challenges and opportunities facing new generations of committed progressive Jews.

Podcast Episode