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Rabbi James Greene

Assistant Executive Director, Springfield JCC

"Being Abba": A Civilization Text Study on Fatherhood

In this text study, Rabbi James Greene examines the evolution of Jewish ideas of fatherhood over time, with an eye toward contemporary responsibilities of Jewish fathering.


Kol HaNeshamah Hebrew text in Davkawriter format

Hebrew text of the services found in the Kol Haneshamah: Shabbat Veḥagim prayer book.


The Danger of Religious Fanaticism

In examining Jacob's deathbed blessings to his sons, we find a striking rebuke of religious fanaticism.

D'var Torah

Joyful, Soulful Prayer: Beshalakh Niggun

Original setting of 2 verses from the Song at the Sea


Journeying from the Personal to the Communal

As Exodus concludes, the Israelites identity shifts from the Children of Israel to the House of Israel. What’s in a name? More than meets the eye. 

D'var Torah

Theology Through Jewish Civilization

In this text study, Rabbi James Greene examines diverse ideas of God throughout the evolution of Jewish civilization. 


Jewish Peoplehood: Philosophies of Jewish Engagement in the 21st Century

What is Jewish peoplehood, and how is it relevant today? Rabbi James Greene assembled this collection of texts to explore these questions.