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Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Questioning Jacob's and Rebecca's Behavior

How do we relate to imperfect heroes? This text study explores the questionable behavior of Jacob and Rebecca, and rabbinic responses to it.

D'var Torah

The Four Children Count the Omer

A classroom activity framing the Counting of the Omer in the content of the Four Children of the Passover seder.


Parsing the Meeting of Jacob and Esau

Text study and discussion questions on the reunion of Jacob and Esau after decades of separation


A Version of Israel's Secular Shabbat -- Via a Song

The upbeat, jazzy Israeli song Shabbat Ba’boker  is a Shabbat song with no reference to ritual or practice. But in a way that only an Israeli song can express, it communicates a deep sense of how joyous the Sabbath can be.