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Rabbi Shawn Zevit

Shalom Aleychem - Contemporary

A new arrangement of traditional liturgy welcoming the Sabbath.


Liturgy and Prayer Leadership: Distance Learning Session

This distance learning conference call explores the dynamics of worship and the human impulse to pray, some of the deep structures of Jewish prayer services, and specifically Reconstructionist liturgy.

Spoken Audio

The Role of Text Study in Congregational Values-Based Decision Making

Overview of the centrality of Jewish texts in congregational conversations around Jewish values


Tzedakah and the Jewish Holidays: Giving for Social Change

For centuries, giving to tzedakah has been a traditional way to mark Jewish holidays. But all holidays are not created equal. In this resource, we offer connections between the theme of each holiday or season, and some possible giving opportunities that correspond with it. 


Ways to Welcome New Members: A Brief Overview

A brief listing of ways to welcome new members to a congregation


Basic Fundraising Tips

Basic fundraising tips


Dues and Financial Policy: Our Tax for Jewish Citizenship

Historical overview of congregational finance and dues


A Jewish Approach to Obligatory Giving

Overview of issues of fundraising, dues, and obligation in Jewish congregations.