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Samira Mehta

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Albright College

Samira K. Mehta is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Albright College. She is the author of Beyond Chrismukkah: The Christian-Jewish Blended Family in America, forthcoming from the University of North Carolina Press in March 2018. Her research focuses on religion and the American family, with interests in both religious practice and the role of religion in constructions of the family. Dr. Mehta has held fellowships from the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Sloan Foundation’s Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life, and the Northeastern Regional Fellowship Consortium. She holds degrees from Emory University, Harvard University, and Swarthmore College. 

A Stranger in Two Communities: Second-Generation American and Jewish Convert

The lines of “inside” and “outside” are not always clear, as a second-generation American and Jewish convert attests.