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RENA Educators' Network

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RENA, The Reconstructionist Educators of North America, is a professional group for people leading schools in Reconstructionist congregations and other educators committed to the values and vision of Reconstructionist education.

RENA in Hebrew means both “spirited song” and also “shout.” As Reconstructionist Educators of North America, we have come together to share the joy we find in Jewish educational leadership. But we’re also here to speak up to help our voices be heard for Jewish education.


Who is Eligible for RENA Membership?

  • Individuals who are currently serving Reconstructionist congregations as Directors of Education or Assistant Directors, or those  who are recognized as fulfilling these functions by their congregation, whether or not they are compensated
  • Directors of Jewish Early Childhood programs in Reconstructionist congregations
  • Paid Youth Directors in Reconstructionist congregations
  • Paid Family Educators in Reconstructionist congregations
  • Graduates of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College who function as Education Directors
  • Former RENA members who are working as Jewish educators in non-Reconstructionist settings

The RENA membership form is available here.

For more information, please contact Karen Morris (kmorris@dorhadash.net)


The 2021 RENA Conference is November 9th-11th, 2021 and will be a virtual Conference.

Though not in person, the connections we sustain through RENA are very real.  We all have learned to Zoom, be creative in a virtual space and connect in new ways.  Let’s put that to work as we explore coming back to in-person learning, what does it mean to “catch people up”, the changing student body and being respectful, learning new songs, dances and looking at how to create classrooms for all children. 

We will also enjoy an evening virtual concert and time to just be with each other to learn, share and give/find support.  The work we do is often unique and sometimes lonely, RENA provides an opportunity to reach out into the larger Reconstructionist community to find friends, colleagues and fellow travelers.  We truly want to see as many people as possible join us for this 3-day event.   

We encourage each participant to pay $36-180 to cover the costs of this conference as well as help us provide future impactful programming. We would also welcome any additional offerings of the heart beyond the fee to help rebuild our scholarship funds for future in-person conferences and the convention.  Fees are due by November 1, 2021  

Click here to register.

If you have any questions, please contact  Marla Hoffman (rhynestonegirl@gmail.com) or George Kelley (gkelley@bez613.org).


Mission Statement

R.E.N.A., The Reconstructionist Educators of North America, will:

  • provide an organizational framework and support group for Reconstructionist Education Directors;
  • clarify and develop the roles of Reconstructionist Education Directors within their individual institutions and within Reconstructing Judaism);
  • advocate within individual institutions and within Reconstructing Judaism for the needs of education programs and educators;
  • promote development of long-term goals and vision for Reconstructionist Jewish Education; and
  • promote sharing of current practices and goals in Reconstructionist education in the areas of curriculum, personnel issues, administration of youth and adult education programs

RENA is an affiliate organization of Reconstructing Judaism.


Current RENA Board