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Rev Your Engines: First Session


I ask myself, what is my work with people. And what is my work for myself? And I know it’s about empowerment. Seeing people, knowing people, loving people. When we talk about empowerment, we need to start with our students, not with ourselves.

Continuing our work with the 2016-17 Innovators Incubator, our first Rev Your Engines session saw the development of a close-knit, supportive network of participants facing challenges in their community endeavors. From teen focused programming to co-constructed havurot for baby boomers, participants found themselves asking similar questions about staffing, leadership styles, and burn-out. Cyd Weissman,  Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Impact, guided participants through resources devoted to the life stages of nonprofits, common start-up challenges, and value propositions in order to address common concerns and learn from others.


Jewish Startup with Innovators Incubator

Learn about last year’s innovator’s incubator sessions to gain inspiration and insights!

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