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  1. When the Call Comes, Will Your Congregation Be Ready?

    “Do you have any resources about how to deal with guests, calls and emails from people who are interested in becoming a member or are curious about our congregation?”

    It’s a smart question.

    In an age when people avoid religious institutions, an email or phone call from a prospective member is an opportunity that synagogues cannot afford to lose. But, too often, congregations drop the ball.


    Posted on: 2017/04/19 - 10:23am

  2. Innovation 101: Have 100 Coffees

  3. Edgeblog Ariana Katz - Entrepreneurial True Grit

  4. What is Social Entrepreneurship - Edgeblog

    I teach rabbinical students to be entrepreneurs. Often, people respond, “Really, you teach rabbis how to make money?” Feigning patience, I explain that tackling the finances of any project is critical, but the tools I teach rabbis help them rack up solutions that impact the quality of people’s lives, not the big bucks. The proper term for my course is social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship means applying a business-like discipline to creating solutions to social justice, cultural and environmental issues.


    Posted on: 2018/06/05 - 12:04pm

  5. Champagne and Aspirin For Strengthening Jewish Community

  6. CBH Shark Tank article

    Reconstructing Judaism explores and funds innovative ideas for connecting with and serving unengaged and under-engaged populations — in new ways and spaces.


    Posted on: 2020/09/25 - 1:16pm