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  1. Please Join in the National Refugee Shabbat 2020

    Dear friends—

    We are deeply moved by the resilience and clarity of the members of Pittsburgh’s Dor Hadash for their commitment to participating in HIAS’s National Refugee Shabbat again this year. We urge every Reconstructionist community to stand with Dor Hadash and HIAS this coming March by participating in this powerful program. In this way, we act on our values and gain strength from each other to create the world in which we want to live.

    With blessings and appreciation,


    Posted on: 2020/02/10 - 9:54am

  2. President's Report 2020

    Judaism teaches that seven years is a full cycle, and the current status of Reconstructing Judaism bears this out. Over the last seven years since the merger, and in the six years of my presidency, we have been transformed and are acting more and more every day as an integrated organization whose staff members work collaboratively towards shared goals. This is true across Reconstructing Judaism and also, I believe, in our partnership with the RRA and with Havaya Summer Programs. I write now to give you an organizational update with a focus on the staff members of Reconstructing Judaism.


    Posted on: 2020/01/27 - 10:57am

  3. Statement on Trump Proposal on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  4. Online Exhibit on Women Rabbis Expands

    The Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) this month expanded its online exhibit “Women Rabbis,” which highlights nearly a dozen Reconstructionist clergy as well as the history of the movement. 


    Posted on: 2020/01/28 - 3:34pm

  5. Forces of Nature - RENA Jan 2020

    In October, enormous winds blew off parts of Congregation Beth Evergreen’s (CBE) sukkah. In early December, even stronger winds hurled a giant tree branch onto the roof of the synagogue with such force that it penetrated through to the inside of the building, leaving gaping holes and several surreal-looking limbs pointing down as if, given the season, a reindeer stepped through and got stuck.


    Posted on: 2020/01/27 - 12:37pm

  6. Statement on Hanukkah Antisemitic Attacks

  7. Welcoming a Guest Into a Sanctuary Congregation

    “One who destroys one life destroys the entire world. One who saves one life saves an entire world.” This famous dictum from rabbinic literature — a midrash on the story of Cain and Abel — teaches about the preciousness of human life. It is a dictum that to me has new meaning since my congregation, Temple Beth Hatfiloh (TBH), welcomed our guest into physical sanctuary.


    Posted on: 2019/12/20 - 11:50am

  8. Deborah column on nationhood executive order

    This article was originally posted at the Times of Israel site. 

    When I first read about President Donald Trump’s proposed Executive Order that would effectively, if not explicitly, define the Jewish people as a nationality, I thought of someone, a fictional person actually, who harkens back to a very different time and place: Tevye, the tragicomic milkman at the center of Fiddler on the Roof, a masterpiece of popular culture. 


    Posted on: 2019/12/13 - 11:13am

  9. Progressive Israel Network Commends Passage of House Resolution 326 Opposing Annexation, Supporting Two-State Solution

  10. Statement Against Cut in Nutritional Aid