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  1. Why I Include Bilhah and Zilpah in the Imahot

    Why include all six matriarchs in the Amidah? Why include the matriarchs at all? David Mosenkis looks at the way narratives dominated by a ruling group overpower the essential contributions to Jewish lineage and civilization by non-dominant populations.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  2. Thriving Where We Are

    Why must “diaspora” be a term rooted in pain? Rabbi Alissa Wise argues for a redefining of diaspora, in which one’s spiritual and physical home can remain undivided by the fragmented politics and policies of Israel.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  3. The Blessing of Being Jewish

    Why should we thank God for having made us Jewish each day during the morning blessings? Professor David Ebenbach divines possible answers to this question: receiving mitzvot, Jewish community, spirituality or having to wrestle with the challenges brought to us by prayer.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  4. Introducing Evolve on Antisemitism

    An overview of Evolve’s pieces on antisemitism from historical, political and theological standpoints.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  5. This Year I Skipped Purim

    How do we balance raucous joy with global suffering? Is it sometimes impossible to celebrate, even when the Jewish calendar calls for it? Rabbi Amy Eilberg shares about her skipping Purim in 2019 in response to attacks in Pittsburgh and Christchurch.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  6. A Prayer for a New Vision of Jewish Community

    May we, speedily and in our days, help to move towards such a reality of deep connection to ourselves, one another, our place in the world and knowing You.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  7. Advice Process: Revisiting Organizational Decision-Making to Make Executives Our Coaches and Mentors

    Towards leadership models for Jewish communal leadership that empower at all levels and lifts up the unique expertise of leaders, regardless of hierarchy.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  8. Communities of Commitment

    Community can only exist on mutual interconnection and commitment, but more than ever, congregations fear asking for that level of engagement from members for fear of scaring them off.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  9. Diversity and Welcoming

    We live in a quickly diversifying Jewish community; Rabbi Emily Cohen explores Psalms 118:22 as sustenance for these changes.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm

  10. A Reconstructionist Response to the Pew Study

    Reflections on the Pew Study, its implications for the Jewish world and the unique contributions the Reconstructionist movement can bring.


    Posted on: 2019/11/13 - 7:52pm