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  1. Mahzor Resources

    We hope that providing this free online version of Mahzor Leyamim Nora’im: Prayerbook for the Days of Awe will help make your at-home High Holiday observances uniquely meaningful. We are grateful for the efforts of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association in subdividing the Mahzor into smaller sections for ease of use.


    Posted on: 2020/06/30 - 2:29pm

  2. Original Music - High Holidays 2020/5781

    This material has been graciously shared with the public by the musicians below. If you would like to submit original music for inclusion here, please visit this page for our submission guidelines and procedure.


    High Holiday Season

    Songs in this section draw on themes and prayer texts that apply throughout the High Holiday season, from the beginning of the month of Elul to the end of Yom Kippur. 



    Posted on: 2020/07/31 - 3:40pm

  3. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - July 2020

  4. New Liturgy - High Holidays 2020/5781

    * Photo credit: Alessandro Ramaldes

    These creative liturgical offerings for High Holiday services were developed by a committee of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association:


    Posted on: 2020/07/31 - 11:43am

  5. HH Music Submission Instructions

    Thank you for your interest in sharing your music for the High Holidays this year. Here’s the information you’ll need to submit:


    Posted on: 2020/07/16 - 4:24pm

  6. Tisha B'Av Box

  7. Immersion 20 Landing: Holy Words for Troubled Times

    Masterclass in Liturgical Poetry, led by Alden Solovy

    Mondays, Nov. 9, Nov. 16, Nov. 23, and Dec. 7. 
    1:00–2:45p.m. Eastern

    $300 for four sessions

    All sessions will be recorded and available to participants. You may join the session live or watch recordings at your own convenience.


    Posted on: 2020/07/24 - 9:23am

  8. Live Beit Midrash: 8/03/20

  9. Live Beit Midrash: 7/27/20

  10. High Holidays Collection 2020/5781

    In order to support Jewish communities exploring new models of High Holidays programming this year, we are pleased to make these materials available to you.


    Posted on: 2020/07/17 - 11:40am