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  1. Shavuot Box

    Virtual Shavuot Box



    Posted on: 2020/05/26 - 12:16pm

  2. Celebrating @ Sinai page

  3. Landing page: Creative Grandparenting from a Distance

    Led by D’vorah Horn & Etja Ruth

    New Dates and Times TBA 

    $108 for three sessions


    Posted on: 2020/05/18 - 8:11am

  4. Writing from Sacred Text

    Led by Alden Solovy

    Tuesdays, 1:00–2:15pm ET: June 2, 9, 16, 23

    $144 for four sessions


    Posted on: 2020/05/11 - 7:26pm

  5. Dreamwork as Window to the Soul

    Led by Haviva Ner-David

    Wednesdays, 1:00–2:15pm ET: June 17, July 1, July 15, July 29, August 12, August 26

    $216 for six sessions

    All sessions will be recorded and available to participants. You may join the session live or watch recordings at your own convenience.


    Posted on: 2020/05/11 - 7:13pm

  6. Workers' Rights - Coronavirus

    The current pandemic exposes both the essential value of workers and their vulnerability. Jewish teachings affirm workers’ rights to fair compensation and healthy working conditions. In this time of increased physical danger and economic hardship, what steps can we take to honor the labor and the risks that some workers undertake? With rising unemployment and shrinking economic opportunities, what can we do to uphold the dignity and livelihoods of people who are unemployed and underemployed? What are our ethical obligations to those whom we employ?


    Posted on: 2020/05/08 - 2:25pm

  7. Stewarding Earth - Coronavirus

    The danger unleashed by the novel coronavirus demonstrates that human welfare is intertwined with the lives of other species and with the health of our planet. The Torah charges us with responsibilities for stewarding the earth and its creatures. Even as the pandemic demonstrates human vulnerability, it also illustrates the power of collective action to make transformational change. To respond to the virus, we have made drastic changes in our day-to-day lives that would have been unthinkable before it struck. What can we do to build on this newfound collective will to change?


    Posted on: 2020/05/08 - 2:24pm

  8. Cultivating Community - Coronavirus

    The central practices of Jewish life — prayer, study, celebrating, caregiving — require community. Communal institutions organize people together for the collective pursuit of sacred purpose and for mutual support. In the midst of a pandemic, we are discovering new ways and structures for cultivating community even as our buildings are closed and we practice social distancing. What are we learning right now about new strategies for overcoming isolation and building community?


    Posted on: 2020/05/08 - 2:24pm

  9. Distributive Justice - Coronavirus

    The Jewish practice of tzedakah, or support for poor people, is an expression of the Torah’s commitment to tzedek, or justice. But the Torah’s vision of social justice is very distant from today’s reality, in which great social disparities have been exposed and exacerbated by the pandemic on a local, national and global scale. Social inequities in healthcare, food access, and environmental safety mean that poor people are more vulnerable to the virus, even as poor people and people of color are disproportionately on the front lines doing risky essential work.


    Posted on: 2020/05/08 - 2:23pm

  10. Human Dignity - Coronavirus

    Jewish ethical tradition assigns ultimate value to each human life. Across the diversity of circumstances and traits that differentiate one human being from another, we are equal with regard to our dignity whatever our age, background, wealth, gender, physical appearance or ability. How can we intervene when policy decisions and social practices conspire to treat some people as more disposable than others? What changes can we make in our personal and communal lives to uphold the dignity of those who are marginalized?


    Posted on: 2020/05/08 - 2:22pm