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  1. Havaya: Camp to Campus

    This article was originally published on page 14 of the February 2019 issue of the Washtenaw Jewish News.


    Posted on: 2019/02/11 - 3:08pm

  2. Reconstructionist Educators of North America: An Overview

    Early in my career, a rabbi speaking at a convention said: “There can be no Reconstructionism unless the people know what they are reconstructing.” I have found that the synagogue educator often serves as an important conduit for giving people the tools to learn about Judaism as it is and how it can be reconstructed.

    But how can synagogue educators hone their tools, develop new skills and generate the spiritual inspiration needed for such vital work? One way is to gather together.


    Posted on: 2019/02/13 - 2:13pm

  3. What's Next Recon Today column February 2019

    By almost every measure, whether objective or subjective, our November, 2018 convention was a success. More than 730 Reconstructionists from across North America (and from Israel and the Netherlands) shared their spirit, energy and intelligence with one another in study and song, and prayer and fellowship. There were 125 learning sessions, taught by roughly 175 lay leaders, faculty members, students and rabbis from across the movement. We prayed and sang and danced and ate together.


    Posted on: 2019/02/26 - 11:03am

  4. Reconstructing Pluralism through Conversation

    (This piece was originally published on the Times of Israel blog at this link.)

    Pluralism is dead. Long live pluralism.


    Posted on: 2019/02/26 - 11:29am

  5. Invitation to Support Israelis Opposing Kahanists in Knesset

    The Israeli grassroots social action organization, Zazim – Community Action, is mobilizing Israelis to call on the Central Elections Committee of Knesset to protect the Knesset from Kahanists. Over 13,000 Israelis have already signed onto Zazim’s petition expressing their conviction that Kahanists have no place in the Knesset and represent a fundamental threat to Israel’s core democratic values.


    Posted on: 2019/03/04 - 11:25am

  6. Kahanists are a Danger to Israelis and Israeli Democracy

    Addendum, March 4, 2019: We invite you to consider adding your name to this statement of solidarity, which will be accepting signatures until March 28, the deadline for Israeli organizations to approach the Central Elections Committee of the Knesset. Clicking this link will take you to a New Israel Fund (NIF) sign-on web page.


    Posted on: 2019/02/21 - 4:00pm

  7. Rabbi Sandra Lawson, ’18, Profiled by Student News Magazine

  8. Lisa Colton Edgeblog

    All effective leaders move toward a compelling picture of the future — a vision. But entrepreneurs, unlike their counterparts mired in the status quo, can nimbly change direction when needed. Entrepreneurs are adept at the “two-step.” They move toward vision, and when facts on the ground shift, they deftly redirect before their organization becomes irrelevant.


    Posted on: 2016/03/31 - 12:00am

  9. Going the Way of Profit Edgeblog

  10. Fundraising: Not Rocket Science Edgeblog