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  1. Facing Death, Rabbinical Student Teaches Others About Living Life

    Photo of Emet Tauber
    Update: Emet Tauber passed away on Monday, March 25, 2019. May his memory be a blessing. 


    Posted on: 2019/01/11 - 10:00am

  2. Jewish Ethics Conference Gathers Academics, Rabbis and Communal Leaders to Explore Contemporary Questions in a Jewish Framework

    What are the key ethical questions facing Jews and Jewish communities today? How can scholars, rabbis and communal leaders discuss ethics in a way that impacts how people behave in the real world?


    Posted on: 2019/02/01 - 1:13pm

  3. Rabbi Sandra Lawson, ’18, Profiled by Student News Magazine

  4. New Zealand Mosque Attack statement

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association are horrified by and condemn the terrorist attacks carried out this morning against Muslims in New Zealand. Our hearts are broken and we are shaken. We stand in solidarity with the Muslim communities of the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and all who are in shock, grief, and fear everywhere as a result of this devastating news.


    Posted on: 2019/03/15 - 11:21am

  5. Adapt (Not Just Adopt): A Conversation with Hebrew University Professor Jonathan Mirvis about Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship for Jewish Education

    What do you know that the rest of us don’t?”

    This is the question I am posing to today’s halutzim—the pioneers who are reshaping the Jewish landscape to more effectively nurture the generations. I’m differentiating the practice of leading game changers and status quo leaders. In each interview with a pioneer, I hear a tool, an assumption, or a virtue that I’m certain is not in general use in the Jewish community. This week, on a call to Jerusalem, I discovered someone is way ahead of me on this quest.


    Posted on: 2016/01/19 - 12:00am

  6. Stay Strong for your Startup Edgeblog

    If you’ve never stepped into a mikveh (Jewish ritual bath), I can tell you from experience it is an exercise in vulnerability more intense than just leaving your clothes in the locker room. The full nakedness of immersion comes from letting go of the protections layered around your heart and spirit. Stepping down into the living water requires you to be strong enough to be vulnerable, open to whatever rushes in. 


    Posted on: 2016/02/09 - 12:00am

  7. Fundraising: Not Rocket Science Edgeblog

  8. Going the Way of Profit Edgeblog

  9. Lisa Colton Edgeblog

    All effective leaders move toward a compelling picture of the future — a vision. But entrepreneurs, unlike their counterparts mired in the status quo, can nimbly change direction when needed. Entrepreneurs are adept at the “two-step.” They move toward vision, and when facts on the ground shift, they deftly redirect before their organization becomes irrelevant.


    Posted on: 2016/03/31 - 12:00am

  10. News - Honoring the Dead: The Reconstructionist Hevrah Kaddishah of Philadelphia