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  1. Elsie Stern Shavuot 2012 Audio Teaching

    Note: the following is a verbatim transcript for accessibility to the hearing-impaired. It has not been edited for general publication.



    Posted on: 2016/08/22 - 3:02am

  2. Light and Darkness Waxman High Holiday video 2016

    In this video, Rabbi Deborah Waxman offers a High Holiday message of hope in spite of the problems confronting the world and the personal travails we all face.


    Posted on: 2016/09/21 - 3:36pm

  3. Jacob Staub KI Talk on Reconstructionism

    In this talk given at Congregation Kehillat Israel in Pacific Palisades, California, Rabbi Jacob Staub explores what makes Reconstructionist communities unique. Selected quotes follow. The entire call transcript is available at the bottom of this page. 


    Posted on: 2016/10/28 - 1:11am

  4. Ahavas Achim (NH)

    Congregation Ahavas Achim


    Posted on: 2016/11/02 - 1:38pm

  5. Ahavath Sholom (MA)

  6. Am Haskalah (PA)

    Congregation Am Haskalah


    Posted on: 2016/11/02 - 1:53pm

  7. B'nai Abraham (NJ)

    Temple B'nai Abraham


    Posted on: 2016/11/02 - 2:01pm

  8. Beth Am (TX)

    Congregation Beth Am


    Posted on: 2016/11/02 - 2:12pm

  9. Beth-El Zedeck (IN)

  10. Beth Evergreen