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  1. Letter in Support of HEAL for Immigrant Women and Families Act

  2. Call to Protect Human Rights in in Myanmar (Burma) in Face of COVID-19

  3. Letter Regarding COVID-19 Relief Priorities

  4. Jewish Organizational Letter on Refugee and Asylum Priorities During COVID-19

  5. Faith Groups Urge Prisons to Protect Religious Needs During COVID-19 and Ramadan

  6. Joint Statement of Solidarity by Jewish Communal Organizations

  7. A Plague of Darkness - Passover DT Strassfeld

    There is a plague of darkness that has fallen not only on our land but upon the world. Actually, there are many plagues — just as in Egypt they seem to come in groups even though just one plague would be more than enough — dayyenu. The coronavirus is certainly a plague that has affected every family, passing over some homes but striking too many others.

    There is also a plague of scarcity:
    A shortage of ventilators, protective gear and hospital beds. 


    Posted on: 2020/03/31 - 1:53pm

  8. Jacob DT Pre-Passover Covid 2020

    This d’var Torah was written during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Passover 2020 approached. While the specific circumstances have changed since its writing, the spiritual insights remain deeply relevant.


    Posted on: 2020/03/26 - 12:41pm

  9. Jewish Community Statement Calling for Expanded Access to Nutrition Assistance Due to Coronavirus Crisis

  10. Letter on Asylum Seekers and "Remain in Mexico" Policy