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  1. Beth Or (FL)

    Temple Beth Or


    Posted on: 2016/11/03 - 8:49am

  2. Kehillat Israel (MI)

    Kehillat Israel


    Posted on: 2016/11/04 - 3:08pm

  3. Yad Mordechai Congregation

    Yad Mordechai Congregation


    Posted on: 2019/07/29 - 11:33am

  4. Jüdische Gemeinde Michelsberg (Jewish Community of Michelsberg)

    Jüdische Gemeinde Michelsberg (Jewish Community of Michelsberg)


    Posted on: 2019/07/29 - 11:32am

  5. Silence as Protest (AKA The World of Silence) - Pinkhas DT Howard Cohen

    Silence in the world of verbal communication can be as complicated to interpret and as deliberate as any word choice. We are often as careful (or should be) about when we choose to remain silent as we are about the words we use to convey a message. In the world of printed words, silence is every bit as powerful as in the audio world. However, it is much more difficult to indicate. 


    Posted on: 2017/06/30 - 1:29pm

  6. Beth-El Zedeck (IN)

  7. Oseh Shalom (MD)

  8. Who Was Korakh DT Lewis Eron

    During the forty years in the wilderness, Moses faced a number of challenges to his leadership. Some arose out of our ancestors’ sense of loss and deprivation. Others centered on issues of policy. The most threatening of these challenges, however, was the constitutional crisis brought about by Korakh’s attempt to supplant both Moses as political leader and Aaron as High Priest.


    Posted on: 2017/06/14 - 8:22pm

  9. Princeton Reconstructionist Synagogue (NJ)

    String of Pearls/Princeton Reconstructionist Synagogue


    Posted on: 2016/11/07 - 8:10am

  10. Shir Hadash (IL)

    Shir Hadash Synagogue


    Posted on: 2016/11/07 - 8:55am