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  1. Devora Bartnoff z"l

    Rabbi Devora Bartnoff, z"l


    Posted on: 2016/04/21 - 12:17pm

  2. Shai Gluskin

    Rabbi Shai Gluskin


    Posted on: 2016/04/21 - 12:41pm

  3. Sheri Lindner

    A former teacher of literature and currently a clinical psychologist, Sheri Lindner, Ph.D. writes about the psychological process of maturation as it is reflected in literature, especially in biblical stories. She is a former co-president of the Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore in Plandome, N.Y.


    Posted on: 2016/04/21 - 1:13pm

  4. Nicole Wilson-Spiro

    Rabbi Nicole Wilson-Spiro


    Posted on: 2016/04/21 - 1:47pm

  5. Mary Meyerson

    Mary Meyerson


    Posted on: 2016/04/25 - 2:27pm

  6. Leslie Brenner

    Leslie Brenner


    Posted on: 2016/04/25 - 2:41pm

  7. Gabrielle Kaplan-Meyer

    Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer is an experienced educator, author, and speaker. At Jewish Learning Venture, she works as Director of Whole Community Inclusion and leads disability awareness programs for the Philadelphia Jewish community.


    Posted on: 2016/04/25 - 4:24pm

  8. Dena Salmon

    Dena Salmon


    Posted on: 2016/04/25 - 4:32pm

  9. Shoshana Silberman

    Dr. Shoshana Silberman


    Posted on: 2016/04/25 - 4:38pm

  10. Harold Schulweis

    Rabbi Harold Schulweis z”l (1924-2014) was longtime spiritual leader of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, California. A public intellectual and social activist, Schulweis studied under Mordecai Kaplan at the Jewish Theological Seminary and was considered to be a pivotal Reconstructionist voice. He was an early advocate of the Havurah movement, and argued for radical inclusion of those traditionally deemed outsiders in the synagogue, such as interfaith families and gay and lesbian Jews.


    Posted on: 2016/04/26 - 11:41am