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  1. Statement on Shooting at Chabad of Poway

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association send our deepest condolences and wishes of refu’ah shlaymah — full and complete healing — to all who were affected by the shooting at Chabad of Poway, Calif. We are keenly aware that the shooting happened not only on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and the eighth day of Passover, the Jewish celebration of liberation from oppression, but also on the sixth month anniversary of the terrible shooting in Pittsburgh.


    Posted on: 2019/04/28 - 9:03pm

  2. Why We Have to Talk About It

    When I was growing up, it was common to hear and see religious leaders whose faith compelled them to stand up in the public square to join the struggle for peace and social justice. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Phillip and Daniel Berrigan, Father Robert Drinan and Father Francis P. Duffy, Rev. William Sloane Coffin and the Catholic nuns and other religious figures who marched with Dr.


    Posted on: 2019/04/29 - 3:55pm

  3. First Reconstructionist Bet Din in Europe

    Rabbi Maurice Harris of Reconstructing Judaism shares his moving story of welcoming new Jews through conversion in the Netherlands.


    Posted on: 2019/05/10 - 12:10pm

  4. Divinely Inspired: Through Meditation, Rabbi Teaches Human Vulnerability as a Source of Strength

    Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg has faced her fair share of challenges (some might say heartbreaks) in life.


    Posted on: 2019/05/17 - 11:43am

  5. Work on the Right Side

    “Nothing has to happen; anything can happen,” Rabbi Sid Schwarz writes on the blackboard when teaching clergy how to create compelling spiritual communities at CLAL, The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. Obviously, nobody sitting in Sid’s seminars at the Clergy Leadership Incubator is hoping for a career defined by the left side of this couplet. But what does it take to work on the right side?


    Posted on: 2015/12/22 - 12:00am

  6. Hurry Up and Slow Down

    Entrepreneurs know something daydreamers don’t, and I’m determined to discover what that is.


    Posted on: 2015/11/30 - 12:00am

  7. Your Customer May Not Be Your Customer Edgeblog

  8. Strapping on the Tool Belt Edgeblog

    Educational leaders with a passionate desire to re-construct Jewish education, let’s talk.

    If your first thoughts in the morning and your last thoughts at night are about re-shaping Jewish education, then we have a lot to discuss.

    There’s no need to make the case for why we need change in Jewish education; that’s been made. Oh, yes, and made again.

    Our conversation is about how.


    Posted on: 2015/11/09 - 12:00am

  9. Building Our Community of Communities video news post

    In a brief video, Seth Rosen talks about the role Reconstructing Judaism plays in supporting and connecting Reconstructionist communities, and amplifying our collective Reconstructionist voice. Seth Rosen is chair of the board of governors of Reconstructing Judaism.


    Posted on: 2019/05/10 - 6:54pm

  10. From Despair to Action - DW June 2018 RT

    “We are all Dor Hadash.”


    Posted on: 2019/06/04 - 4:54pm