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  1. Innovation 101: Have 100 Coffees

  2. How to Avoid Startup Crash and Burn

    You need guts to launch a startup. Chances are that your exciting new project is going to crash and burn. According to a Harvard Business School study, about 75 percent of startups fail.


    Posted on: 2017/10/02 - 2:37pm

  3. Ultra-Busy Leader Stops to Gain Perspective

    Occasionally, startup leaders sleep. When heads hit the pillow, work often continues with list-making and idea-generation disrupting dreamtime. So who in their 24-hour right minds would add to their “To Do” list?


    Posted on: 2017/11/15 - 11:21am

  4. When the Organized World Meets the Rogue World - Edgeblog

    Synagogues engage one-third of the United States’ Jewish population. What role might they take to serve the spiritual, communal and religious needs of the other two-thirds (the majority) who don’t choose synagogue membership as an expression of their Judaism?


    Posted on: 2017/11/30 - 10:42am

  5. Wine, Not Whine, Your Way to Millennial Engagement - Edgeblog Jan 2018

    Ross Berkowitz, Tribe 12’s CEO
    Ross Berkowitz, Tribe 12’s CEO


    Posted on: 2018/01/16 - 1:20pm

  6. Champagne and Aspirin For Strengthening Jewish Community

  7. Edgeblog Ariana Katz - Entrepreneurial True Grit

  8. Reconstructionist Educators of North America: An Overview

    Early in my career, a rabbi speaking at a convention said: “There can be no Reconstructionism unless the people know what they are reconstructing.” I have found that the synagogue educator often serves as an important conduit for giving people the tools to learn about Judaism as it is and how it can be reconstructed.

    But how can synagogue educators hone their tools, develop new skills and generate the spiritual inspiration needed for such vital work? One way is to gather together.


    Posted on: 2019/02/13 - 2:13pm

  9. Joint Israel Commission at Convention

    In February 2018, a group of 18 Reconstructionists held the first online meeting of the Joint Israel Commission (JIC). The JIC is a commission that reports to the boards of the two organizational arms of the movement – Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA).


    Posted on: 2018/12/17 - 3:50pm

  10. New U.S. Rep Talks Reconstructionism, Convention, Eastern Religions and MLK