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  1. Gathering - Seth Rosen August 2018 article

    In the last several weeks, two experiences, both of them ongoing, have made clear to me the power and persistency of “gathering” as a lynchpin of building and sustaining a spiritual community within the Reconstructionist movement. By “gathering,” I mean physically gathering — being together at the same time, in the same place, for one another and with one another.


    Posted on: 2018/08/06 - 12:05pm

  2. In Tragedy’s Wake, Dor Hadash Finds Strength in Jewish Community

    At Congregation Dor Hadash, life certainly hasn’t returned to normal. Perhaps, considering the full scope of the trauma endured and the losses suffered, “normal” isn’t possible or even desirable. Yet in the two months since a gunman claimed the life of one member, Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, and critically wounded another, Dan Leger, the community has settled into something approaching a “new normal,” according to Judith Yanowitz, Dor Hadash’s vice president for ritual.


    Posted on: 2019/01/02 - 3:56pm

  3. Temple Emek Shalom story

    Rabbi Joshua Boettiger in tallit in front of Torah scroll
    Rabbi Joshua Boettiger


    Posted on: 2018/02/21 - 4:28pm

  4. Social Justice Roundtable writeup

  5. Renaming - About Our New Name

    (The following op-ed was originally posted by the JTA at this link.)

    “I don’t know any Jews who go to temple.”

    The line is from a remarkably poignant scene in the 2004 film “Garden State,” in which Zach Braff’s character explains to his love interest, played by Natalie Portman, a few things that most non-Orthodox American Jews know about large suburban synagogues.


    Posted on: 2018/01/30 - 1:36pm

  6. Israel Emergent Event Statement Dec 14 2018

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association condemn and are saddened by the recent terror attacks by Palestinian extremists against Israeli soldiers, police and civilians in the West Bank and Jerusalem. In the past week, two attacks near the settlement of Ofra have claimed the lives of two Israeli soldiers and a prematurely delivered infant, and have wounded nine Israelis. We mourn those who have been killed and we pray for speedy and thorough healing for all those wounded.


    Posted on: 2018/12/14 - 12:10pm

  7. Rooted and Relevant: Dispatches from Convention 2018

    Playing their own strings and percussion instruments, Rabbis Benjamin Barnett, Micah Becker-Klein and Katie Mizrahi offered a slow, campfire-like version of Lekha Dodi, the song sung by Jews around the world to welcome Shabbat. Hundreds of voices accompanied the rabbis, the devotional sounds vibrating off the ballroom walls, building an energy that one could almost touch.


    Posted on: 2018/11/20 - 5:37pm

  8. 'We Are All Dor Hadash'

    [This article has been updated since its original posting on November 6, 2018]

    Rabbi Erin Hirsh, ’00, grew up in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. Hirsh and her family attended a Reform synagogue. While in high school, she heard something a little out of the ordinary from her friends: They loved their Jewish community and going to services.


    Posted on: 2018/11/07 - 3:00pm

  9. The Importance of Holy Conversation

    by Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., and Seth Rosen. 


    Posted on: 2018/11/06 - 10:22am

  10. In Praise of Movements

    Two November events loom as I write this column: the mid-term elections on November 6, and the first Reconstructionist movement-wide convention in a decade, a week later.  The first admittedly will have far more impact on the world than the latter, but they are linked in my mind for one important reason: movements matter.


    Posted on: 2018/10/26 - 4:13pm