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  1. Jewish Community Statement Calling for Expanded Access to Nutrition Assistance Due to Coronavirus Crisis

  2. A Plague of Darkness - Passover DT Strassfeld

    There is a plague of darkness that has fallen not only on our land but upon the world. Actually, there are many plagues — just as in Egypt they seem to come in groups even though just one plague would be more than enough — dayyenu. The coronavirus is certainly a plague that has affected every family, passing over some homes but striking too many others.

    There is also a plague of scarcity:
    A shortage of ventilators, protective gear and hospital beds. 


    Posted on: 2020/03/31 - 1:53pm

  3. Joint Statement of Solidarity by Jewish Communal Organizations

  4. Faith Groups Urge Prisons to Protect Religious Needs During COVID-19 and Ramadan

  5. Letter Opposing Confirmation of Anthony Tata

    Reconstructing Judaism joined a coalition of civil rights groups to sign a letter opposing the Senate confirmation of Anthony Tata to a central Pentagon post due to his history of bigoted statements and actions. 

    The letter reads: 



    Posted on: 2020/07/01 - 2:51pm

  6. Amicus Brief Defending California Public Health Measures' Application to Religious Organizations

  7. Jewish, Just Green Recovery Letter

  8. Interfaith Letter Against Utility Shutoffs

  9. Amicus Brief Requiring Religious Social Services Providers to Comply with Nondiscrimination Law

  10. Amicus Brief on School Prayer