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  1. Letter Regarding November Updates to EEOC Religious Discrimination Compliance Manual

  2. Parshat Bo 2021: The Rituals of Democracy - Yael Ridberg

    (Written for Shabbat Bo, January 22, 2021, and originally published at The Times of Israel as “The Rituals of American Democracy” Used with kind permission.) 

    Wednesday morning, I settled in to watch the inaugural events unfold. I was filled with anticipation and relief that the last four years were over, and a new era was about to begin. I was transfixed watching the guests arrive at the Capitol only two weeks after the temple of democracy was overrun by a seditious mob.


    Posted on: 2021/01/22 - 9:36am

  3. Jewish Organizational Letter on Refugee and Asylum Priorities During COVID-19

  4. Letter Regarding COVID-19 Relief Priorities

  5. Call to Protect Human Rights in in Myanmar (Burma) in Face of COVID-19

  6. Letter in Support of HEAL for Immigrant Women and Families Act

  7. Jewish And Pro-Israel Organizations Must Not Tolerate The Bigotry Of ZOA’s Morton Klein

    The following joint statement was issued by J Street, the New Israel Fund, Partners for Progressive Israel, Reconstructing Judaism, The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association and T’ruah, and joined by Nancy Kaufman, past CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women:


    Posted on: 2020/06/11 - 12:00pm

  8. Amicus Brief Opposing Special Religious Exemptions to Generally Applicable Public Health Measures

  9. Amicus Brief Opposing Coerced Attendance at Religious Services

  10. 500+ Jewish Organizations and Synagogues say: Black Lives Matter