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  1. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 3: Jews and the Religion of Whiteness

    What is the relationship between Jewishness and Whiteness? What is the nature of their entanglement? Such are the driving questions of this talk, which elaborates Whiteness as a geopolitical practice of religion, indeed as a practice of myth, that institutes the global idea of race or that organizes the planet through racial capitalism. The nature of this Whiteness is the subject of this talk with specific reference to the figural meaning of the Jews within the Whiteness of the West. 


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:23pm

  2. Chesapeake Annual Celebration 2021 Virtual

  3. Chesapeake Annual Celebration 2020

    Original program description

    Chesapeake Header


    Posted on: 2019/12/16 - 10:29am

  4. Kadesh (Passover Box 2020)

    Kadesh | Sanctification

    We set the space and time with a blessing over grape juice or wine. 


    Posted on: 2020/03/31 - 3:21pm

  5. Pandemic Resources Landing Page

    Below, you can find materials from across the Reconstructionist movement created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


    Posted on: 2020/03/20 - 10:05am

  6. Preparation (Passover Box 2020)


    Seder table, fully set



    Posted on: 2020/03/31 - 2:05pm

  7. Virtual Holiday Boxes

    Virtual Boxes for Jewish Holidays


    Posted on: 2020/10/09 - 1:06pm

  8. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 6: The Racialization of Religion

    In this presentation, Sylvester Johnson will explain the racialization of religion as a central and persisting phenomenon in the making of the West that has targeted Islam, Judaism, and so-called animism. 


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:25pm

  9. Workers' Rights - Coronavirus

    The current pandemic exposes both the essential value of workers and their vulnerability. Jewish teachings affirm workers’ rights to fair compensation and healthy working conditions. In this time of increased physical danger and economic hardship, what steps can we take to honor the labor and the risks that some workers undertake? With rising unemployment and shrinking economic opportunities, what can we do to uphold the dignity and livelihoods of people who are unemployed and underemployed? What are our ethical obligations to those whom we employ?


    Posted on: 2020/05/08 - 2:25pm

  10. Passover 2020 Landing

    The holiday of Pesakh (Passover) begins on Wednesday night, April 8, 2020. As we prepare for an unusual Pesakh in a time of physical distancing, we have assembled a wealth of resources from Reconstructing Judaism, Havaya Summer Programs, Ritualwell, and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Assocation to support and inspire you. 

    We’d also like to share this video message from Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., the president of Reconstructing Judaism.


    Posted on: 2020/04/01 - 2:27pm