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  1. Jill Jacobs

  2. Aurora Mendelsohn

    Aurora Mendelsohn lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and their three children, and works in university administration.


    Posted on: 2016/05/04 - 6:44pm

  3. Lewis Eron

    Rabbi Lewis Eron retired in 2017 after 24 years working for the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, most recently as the director of religious services at Lions Gate and as the Jewish community chaplain.


    Posted on: 2016/05/06 - 10:10am

  4. Ellen Dannin

    Ellen Dannin, a thought leader on labor and privitization, has taught and written primarily about American and New Zealand labor and employment law. She also writes about privatization of government services and public infrastructure. Her most recent law school position was as the Fannie Weiss Distinguished Faculty Scholar and professor of law at Penn State Dickinson School of Law.


    Posted on: 2016/05/06 - 10:12am

  5. Michael Cohen

    Rabbi Michael Cohen


    Posted on: 2016/05/06 - 10:22am

  6. Daniel Cedarbaum

    Daniel Cedarbaum


    Posted on: 2016/05/06 - 10:54am

  7. Mel Scult

    Mel Scult


    Posted on: 2016/05/06 - 12:49pm

  8. Steve Burnstein

    Rabbi Steve Burnstein


    Posted on: 2016/05/06 - 12:57pm

  9. Elliott Tepperman

    Rabbi Elliott Tepperman


    Posted on: 2016/05/12 - 1:34pm

  10. Joshua Boettiger

    Rabbi Joshua Boettiger


    Posted on: 2016/05/13 - 11:51am