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  1. Reparations

    The Tikkun Olam Commission has approved a draft resolution in support of reparations to be considered by the entire Reconstructionist Movement.

    You may already be asking the classic talmudic question, mai reparations? What do you mean by reparations?  To which we offer the talmudic response, ta sh’ma: Come and learn with us. 


    Posted on: 2022/04/26 - 8:12pm

  2. Leadership



    Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D. President and CEO
    Rabbi Amber Powers Executive Vice President
    Amanda Beckenstein Mbuvi, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Cyd Weissman Vice President for Engagement and Innovation
    Tresa Grauer, Ph.D. Vice President for Thriving Communities


    Board of Governors



    Posted on: 2018/01/28 - 9:12pm

  3. Employment

    Diversity is a core value of our organization. Reconstructing Judaism is an equal opportunity employer committed to economic, social, and racial justice. We do not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected classes. All are welcome to apply, including those of historically disenfranchised groups. 


    Current Openings

    Administrative Assistant





    Posted on: 2018/04/24 - 4:04pm

  4. A Brief History of Annexation: A JIC Resource for Study and Discussions

    Below you can access three resources. The first is a video webinar in which members of the Joint Israel Commission go over the contents of this resource document and describe some of the ways it can be used for adult education and community discussion purposes. The second is a link to the resource document itself in PDF form. The third is a link to the Power Point slides that were used during the video presentation.


    Posted on: 2022/05/10 - 2:16pm

  5. Shutafut Showcase: Meet Israeli Organizations Ready to Work with Your Congregation

    Sure, you can talk about Israel. But why not engage with Israelis working for a better future for all? The Shutafut Working Group of the Joint Israel Commission (JIC) helps Reconstructionist rabbis and congregations create partnerships with Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian organizations doing important work consonant with our movement’s mission and values. Our partner organizations fall in three broad categories: Peace and Justice, Shared Society, and Evolving Jewish Civilization.


    Posted on: 2022/05/16 - 10:22pm

  6. Joint Israel Commission

    The Joint Israel Commission (JIC) is comprised of 11 lay people, five rabbis, one RRC faculty member, and one RRC student. The JIC reports to the boards of the two organizational arms of the movement – Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA). Fred Andes of Shir Hadash (Wheeling, Ill., USA) and Rabbi Rebecca Lillian, an RRA rabbi who lives and works primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark, co-chair the JIC.


    Posted on: 2021/04/22 - 12:35pm

  7. Evolve Web Conversation: God Is Here

  8. Shutafut Overview

    Shutafut, meaning “partnership” in Hebrew, is a project of the Joint Israel Commission (JIC). Its mission is twofold: to inform and to connect


    Posted on: 2021/06/21 - 11:48am

  9. Virtual Shabbat Box

  10. Thriving Communities Leadership Calls

    This page contains a regularly updated list of leadership calls offered to congregational leadership, along with accompanying resources. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jacob Weinberg, Associate for Thriving Communities, at JWeinberg@ReconstructingJudaism.org.


    FY23 Calls

    Staff Supervision & Reporting Structures- 3.8.23



    Posted on: 2020/10/27 - 9:20am