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  1. There Are Many Ways to Give

    By Check

    We still love snail mail! Please make checks out to Reconstructing Judaism at 1299 Church Road, Wyncote, PA 19095.

    By Phone

    Give us a ring, we’d love to hear from you. Call Sandy Newman, development operations manager, at 215.576.0800 ext. 143. You can email Sandy at SNewman@ReconstructingJudaism.org.

    IRA Rollovers

    Why Should I Make A Gift From My IRA?


    Posted on: 2020/12/04 - 11:12am

  2. Rabbinic Campaign

    The Rabbinic Campaign for the Reconstructionist Movement supports the Jewish future through the many programs and resource of Reconstructing Judaism, including Camp Havaya, Ritualwell, Evolve and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. All proceeds up to $100,000 go directly to the work of Reconstructing Judaism. Any proceeds above that amount are shared equally between Reconstructing Judaism and the RRA - the more you give the more the RRA receives in support!


    Posted on: 2018/08/01 - 2:03pm

  3. Racial Justice

    Fighting for racial justice is a top priority for Reconstructing Judaism and is a natural extension of our Jewish values. The Torah’s very first and most central description of human beings is that we are created b’tzelem Elohim – equally and uniquely in the image of God. This theology was radical in its time and remains radical today, despite the profound truth and simplicity of this claim. Black Lives Matter.


    Posted on: 2021/11/23 - 3:19pm

  4. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - November 2021

  5. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - December 2021

  6. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - October 2021

    October 29-30

    Read: ‘Gathering Shalom’

    This poem by Maia Conrad is a lovely kavanah/intention to set before candle-lighting, kiddush, and Shabbat services. Sourced from Ritualwell


    Posted on: 2022/01/06 - 5:52pm

  7. Research Fellowship "Race, Religion and American Judaism"

  8. Clone of Virtual Shabbat Box archive - January 2022

  9. Clone of Clone of Virtual Shabbat Box archive - February 2022

  10. Two States and Beyond: A JIC Resource for Study and Discussions

    Below you can access two resources. The first is a video webinar in which members of the Joint Israel Commission go over the contents of this resource document and describe some of the ways it can be used for adult education and community discussion purposes. The second is a link to the resource document itself in PDF form.


    Posted on: 2021/10/05 - 8:24am