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  1. Interfaith Open Letter: Stephen Miller Must Resign

  2. Letter from Jewish Rohingya Justice Network to Senate Foreign Relations Committee (January 2020)

    Reconstructing Judaism and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association joined a letter from the Jewish Rohingya Justice Network to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Excerpts are included below, and the full text and signatories are available in the attached PDF.


    Posted on: 2020/01/22 - 12:00pm

  3. Letter Opposing Racial Profiling of Pregnant People Seeking to Enter U.S.

  4. Request To The United Nations To Call For A Global Ban On Fracking

  5. Interfaith Amicus Brief Opposing Indefinite Detention of Immigrant Families

  6. Amicus Brief Opposing Religious Exemption to Antidiscrimination Law: Chelsea Nelson Photography

  7. Letter on Asylum Seekers and "Remain in Mexico" Policy

  8. Jewish Community Statement Calling for Expanded Access to Nutrition Assistance Due to Coronavirus Crisis

  9. Joint Statement of Solidarity by Jewish Communal Organizations

  10. Faith Groups Urge Prisons to Protect Religious Needs During COVID-19 and Ramadan