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  1. Letter Opposing Confirmation of Anthony Tata

    Reconstructing Judaism joined a coalition of civil rights groups to sign a letter opposing the Senate confirmation of Anthony Tata to a central Pentagon post due to his history of bigoted statements and actions. 

    The letter reads: 



    Posted on: 2020/07/01 - 2:51pm

  2. Amicus Brief Defending California Public Health Measures' Application to Religious Organizations

  3. Jewish, Just Green Recovery Letter

  4. Interfaith Letter Against Utility Shutoffs

  5. Amicus Brief Requiring Religious Social Services Providers to Comply with Nondiscrimination Law

  6. Amicus Brief on School Prayer

  7. Letter for Utility Assistance

  8. Letter to Senator Romney re: Supreme Court

  9. Access to Clean Water

  10. Letter Regarding November Updates to EEOC Religious Discrimination Compliance Manual