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  1. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 7: Latino Jews

    Using a comparative perspective to understand the lived experiences of Latin@ Jews in the United States, Prof. Limonic shows how this group of immigrants attain upward mobility through successfully navigating racial and class structures.


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:25pm

  2. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 6: The Racialization of Religion

    In this presentation, Sylvester Johnson will explain the racialization of religion as a central and persisting phenomenon in the making of the West that has targeted Islam, Judaism, and so-called animism. 


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:25pm

  3. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 5: Black Power, Jewish Politics

    Professor Dollinger will offer a new understanding of Jewish participation in the civil rights movement of the 1950s, the rise of Black Power in the 1960s, and the Jewish ethnic and religious revival of the 1970s. 


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:24pm

  4. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 4: Religion and White Supremacy in the US

    This talk explores the history and contemporary relationship between religion and white supremacy in the United States, showing the ways that religious theologies and practices are mobilized to both resist and reinforce racial inequality. It also shows how gendered norms undergird this relationship.


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:23pm

  5. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 3: Jews and the Religion of Whiteness

    What is the relationship between Jewishness and Whiteness? What is the nature of their entanglement? Such are the driving questions of this talk, which elaborates Whiteness as a geopolitical practice of religion, indeed as a practice of myth, that institutes the global idea of race or that organizes the planet through racial capitalism. The nature of this Whiteness is the subject of this talk with specific reference to the figural meaning of the Jews within the Whiteness of the West. 


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:23pm

  6. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 2: Roots, Scripture and Race

    The politics of American identity are rooted in memory. What do Alex Haley’s Roots and the Jewish scriptural tradition teach us about the constitution of race in the USA?


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:21pm

  7. Jews, Race, and Religion Lecture 1: Is the Talmud Racist?

    In this presentation on January 28, 2021, Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies director Professor Steve Weitzman introduced the series and its goals. Following that, Mira Wasserman explored concepts of race and racism as they relate to the foundational source of Jewish tradition, the Babylonian Talmud.


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:20pm

  8. Jews, Race, and Religion Intro: Jews, Race, and Religion

    We are in the midst of what might be a major new chapter in the history of race relations in the United States, with untold numbers of protestors demanding that the country confront abiding race-based injustice. Among the consequences of this movement is a wider recognition of how race and racism are interwoven into all aspects of society, including government, education, health, and religion.


    Posted on: 2020/11/10 - 1:18pm

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  10. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - October 2020