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  1. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - October 2020

  2. Thriving Communities Leadership Calls

    This page contains a regularly updated list of leadership calls offered to congregational leadership, along with accompanying resources. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jacob Weinberg, Associate for Thriving Communities, at JWeinberg@ReconstructingJudaism.org.


    FY23 Calls

    Staff Supervision & Reporting Structures- 3.8.23



    Posted on: 2020/10/27 - 9:20am

  3. Jewish Values and Coronavirus

    The Covid-19 pandemic confronted Jewish communities and organizations with pressing ethical questions. We developed this guide to values-based decision making to help communities and individuals navigate the unprecedented times we were living in. This guide collects and curates sources from the Jewish ethical tradition and insights from today’s leading ethical thinkers.


    Posted on: 2020/05/07 - 3:39pm

  4. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - September 2020

  5. Virtual Holiday Boxes

    Virtual Boxes for Jewish Holidays


    Posted on: 2020/10/09 - 1:06pm

  6. Evolve Donation Page

    If you value the groundbreaking essays we post, the sacred conversations we facilitate about difficult issues, and the stimulating podcasts we produce based on Evolve essays, please consider making a contribution of whatever amount you are able. The Evolve: Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations project is dedicated to demonstrating that Judaism is exciting, relevant and worth exploring. Please help us sustain this work.



    Posted on: 2019/12/31 - 10:53am

  7. Simkhat Torah Box

  8. Virtual Shabbat Box archive - August 2020

  9. Live Beit Midrash: 9/7/20

  10. Resources from Reconstructionist Congregations and Rabbis - High Holidays 2020/5781

    Our thanks to our partners and colleagues who have generously shared these resources.


    Written Materials


    Woodstock Jewish Congregation Mahzor

    Rabbi Jonathan Kligler has compiled and edited this mahzor for online use, and has offered to share it with those who might find it useful.


    Posted on: 2020/08/26 - 3:31pm