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  1. PNW Retreat 2017

    Pacific Northwest Shabbaton banner

    Pacific Northwest Shabbaton: May 5-7


    Posted on: 2016/08/18 - 4:33pm

  2. Global Day 2016

    Join us for the Global Day of Jewish Learning!

    This year’s theme: Under the Same Sky: “The earth is full of Your creations”

    “The earth is full of Your creations” (Psalm 104:24) is one of many references in Jewish texts to the beauty and vastness of our world and nature. Over the course of 24 hours, Jews from around the world will explore nurturing and nourishment, ecology and the environment, cycles and seasons.


    Posted on: 2016/11/01 - 1:35pm

  3. Chesapeake Day of Learning 2018

    three snapshots of adult groups learning together

    Sunday, April 15, 2018


    Posted on: 2018/03/13 - 12:05pm

  4. RENA Annual Conference 2016

    Workshop presenters or suggestions, contact Rabbi Ariann Weitzman at rabbiariann@bnaikeshet.org

    For all other questions about the conference, contact Keren Rhodes at kerenrhodes@j-c-a.org


    Posted on: 2016/07/12 - 4:53pm

  5. No'ar Hadash NY Kallah 2017

    Save the date for this great experience for 8th-12th graders as they explore New York City.


    Posted on: 2016/11/30 - 11:59am

  6. Hevreh 2016

  7. Evolve Conversation 3/12

    Evolve Conversation: Foundations of Spiritual Practice I


    Posted on: 2019/03/25 - 11:37am

  8. Evolve Conversation 3/26

    Evolve Conversation: Foundations of Spiritual Practice II


    Posted on: 2019/03/25 - 11:38am

  9. Evolve Conversation 4/3

    Evolve Conversation: Judaism, Gender and Gender Identity I


    Posted on: 2019/03/25 - 11:39am

  10. Evolve Conversation 5/7

    Evolve Conversation: Judaism, Gender and Gender Identity II


    Posted on: 2019/03/25 - 11:40am