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Design and Implementation

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In our second Network for Network Builders session, we discussed the values that drive our work and identified strategies for weaving our values into building networks.

Should children receiving conflicting, non-Jewish, religious education be allowed to enroll in a synagogue school? This question is at core about the differences between how the individual is seen by the community, his status, and how the individual sees herself, her identity

This short article reflects on the challenges and opportunities presented by digital technology in Reconstructionist education. 

This three-part family education series addresses issues related to bar/bat mitzvah. It is designed for a large group of parents and students and uses active learning exercises. It covers issues around Jewish identity, the meaning of bar/bat mitzvah, and common concerns that parents and students have about the process.

This is a curriculum for Israel education, from early childhood through adulthood, fostering connections to Israel through language, liturgy, song, trips and relationships.

An archive of discussions about High Holiday children's and youth services

This manual provides practical suggestions and tools for lesson planning and classroom management. It includes excellent resources for bringing a "multiple intelligences" awareness into classrooms.

Rabbi Toba Spitzer shares detailed guidelines and best practices on communal discussions around Israel.

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